Iran J Vet Surg, Print ISSN: 2008-3033, Online ISSN: 2676-6299

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran.


Objective- Analysis of the PSV (peak systolic velocity), EDV (end diastolic velocity) and RI (Resistant Index) in external ophthalmic and the long ciliary ophthalmic arteries in the cat by pulse Doppler.
Design- Descriptive study
Animals- 12 short haired “Tomcats” weighted about 3.9± 0.9 Kg no e general and optic disease in clinical, paraclinical and ophthalmoscopic examinations.
Procedure- Two-dimentional and pulsed-doppler ultrasonography was performed by using a multi-frequency linear transducer, 6-12 MHz. The cornea was coated with sterilized ultrasonography gel and the transducer was horizontally fixed over the eye. The PSV, EDV and RI in external ophthalmic artery and the long posterior ciliary artery were measured on the right and left eyes.
Results- The results about the experimented arteries showed no significant difference about “EDV, PSV and RI” factors between the Left and Right eyes of the Cats (P>0.05).
Conclusion and Clinical Relevance-It is found that in two-dimentional Doppler method, these arteries could be easily identified in ultrasonography and had the most repeatability rate in all experimented eyes and these two arteries could be used as a reference to diagnose optic diseases in future studies.


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