Iran J Vet Surg, Print ISSN: 2008-3033, Online ISSN: 2676-6299

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Islamic Azad University, Mahabad Branch, Mahabad, Iran.


In this study, the heart structures of this sheep breed were examined in a healthy state and the desired structures were measured. This study was carried out on 8 healthy sheep of the Shin Bash breed in a standing position without the use of sedation. Then the desired investigations were done on the valves, arteries, and veins of the heart. The results of pulse Doppler echocardiography in healthy sheep showed that the blood flow in the aorta and pulmonary vessels in the right sternal view and the blood flow in the mitral valve and the tricuspid valve in the left sternal view are evaluated in the best way. The obtained values were reported as a reference for healthy adult Shin Bash sheep. Tricuspid and pulmonary flows were best evaluated on the right side whereas mitral and aortic flows were best obtained on the left side and reference values are reported for healthy adult Shin Bash sheep. PW Doppler echocardiography allows the measurement of intracardiac blood flow indices in goats. The reference values establishment will help interpret these indices of cardiac function in clinical cardiac cases and develop animal models for human cardiology research.


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