Document Type: Original Article


1 Department of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Islamic Azad university, Kazerun Branch, Kazerun, Iran

2 DVM, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kazerun branch, Islamic Azad University, Kazerun, Iran.


Objective-The aim of this research was to compare transcorneal and transpalpebral ultrasonography study of the dimensions (ecobiometry) and the ultrasonographic aspect of Iranian mix breed dogs.
Design- Experimental study
Animals- . Ten adult male dogs
Procedure- Ten adult male dogs with the mean age 4±1.39 years and the mean weight of 16.7±3.6 kg were selected and distributed in two equal groups. Transcorneal and transpalpebral ultrasonographic scanning of left and right eyes of dogs were performed using with a 12 MHZ transducer. The transducer was placed in a longitudinal position (sagittal plane) until optimal B-scan images, were obtained.
Results- Means and standard deviations of the intraocular structures of both transcorneal and transpalpebral were as, Anterior chamber depth (2.99±0.242, 2.78±0.285 mm), Lens thickness (6.62±0.364,7.02±0.612 mm), Vitreous chamber depth (8.81±0.354, 8.79±0.552 mm) and Axial globe length (19.60±0.452,19.50±0.592 mm) respectively. No significant differences were observed when comparing left and right eyes of dogs in both methods within the same group and comparing between two groups (p>0.05).
Conclusion and Clinical Relevance- Results of this study can be used as a template in diagnosis of ocular disease and facilitates the use of transpalpebral ultrasonography in the evaluation of ocular structures in ocular disease specially painful conditions.


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