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1 Department of Clinical Scinces, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.

2 Private Veterinary Practitioner


Objective- Obtaining the normal images ofcolor doppler and estimation ofblood flow velocity parametersof femoral and axillary arteries in dog.Design- Descriptive studyAnimals- 7 healthy adult mixed-breed dogs, weighing 14.3 ± 2.8 kg (mean ± SD).Proceudure- Left and right femoral and axillary arteries of hind and forelimbs were evaluated. Colorand spectral doppler images ofthe each artery were obtained. Values ofpeak systolic velocity, end diastolicvelocity, mean velocity, resistive index and pulsatility index were measured.Statistical analysis- Calculation ofmean and standard deviation of measured parameters using MicrosoftExcel 2003 .Results- Color Doppler ofboth arteries showed a laminar flow with higher velocity in the center of flow.High-resistance flow pattern with triphasic flow velocity and plug velocity profile were observed in spectralwaveform analysis of pulsed Doppler.Conclusion and Clinical Relevance- Results of thi s study can be useful for hemodynamic evaluation offemoral and axillary arteries diseases such as thromboembolism and arterial stenosis in dogs.