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1 Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

2 Chattogram veterinary and animal sciences university



A 10 month aged male Congo African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) weighing 400 gm, with a history of collision with a ceiling fan, was presented to the Shahedul Alam Quadary Teaching Veterinary Hospital (SAQTVH), Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU). On presentation, the bird was unable to fly and dropping of left wing. On physical examination, soft tissue swealing with reddish discoloration and crepitus was felt on palpation at radioulnar region. Radiographic examination revealed complete overriding transverse diaphyseal fracture of left radius and ulna. Under general anesthesia with diazepam and ketamine, retrograde intramedullary pinning was performed to stabilize ulnar fracture. Intramedullary pinning and application of bandage results bone healing at 65th post-operative day. The bird recovered with loss of flying ability due to slight malunion of fracture. The study suggests that, postoperative management is very essential for the successful outcome in radioulnar fracture management in birds with intramedullary pinning.


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