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Iranian Journal of Veterinary Surgery (Iran J Vet Surg) is an official peer-reviewed open access publication of the Iranian Veterinary Surgery Association (IVSA), published biannually. The journal aims to provide a groundwork for the contribution of researchers, practitioners, and students in the field of veterinary surgery, anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, lameness, and other fields (clinical pathology, surgical pathology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and epidemiology) when they are related to the surgery. The journal also publishes researches in laboratory animals on the aforementioned topics.


Announcement: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Surgery is proudly received the 2nd quartile (Q2) ranking from Islamic Science Citation Center (ISC) for 2018 with impact factor (IF) = 0.105. We appreciate the active and effective participation of all researchers and authors who have shared their work with us. 


Notice: Because we are receiving many Clinical Reports, the authors should keep in their minds that this type of manuscript (Clinical Report) may encounter considerable delay (up to 3 years) for publication after acceptance since we publish only a few clinical reports in each issue.

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